Dear reader – hello. My name is Alexandra March – I am an artist illustrator and designer. As most people who deal with creative fields I have many favorite artists, designers, and creative people who have formed a basis for my own work and also pushed me on (unbeknownst to them) to continue doing my thing through all these years. I would like to dedicate this site to them. Some of these people I know personally, some just peripherally, and some not at all.

There are many web pages on illustration, culture, contemporary art, and music – most of them are fairly specific, often made for others working in this field. This page is not about that. My intention here is simply to share work of other creative people who I like and admire – there are so many! – and hopefully put it together in a way that is interesting to anyone and everyone.

Before I begin I’d like to tell you a bit of my own story. I made art for as long as I remember. I grew up in soviet Russia, in what was then Leningrad. I think I was enrolled in art classes by age 5(?) and even if I am mistaken I am not too far off. At the time there were also state run art schools – sort of intensive after-school art programs with very traditional curriculums of painting, sculpture and art history. I lied about my age using some clever forgery (at age 9:) on an application in order to get in one year before my time. I passed the entrance exam and was in – and really I knew then I was in my element.

Fast forward many years, past immigration to the US, many years of working in graphic design (somewhat half-heartedly at the end), living in different countries, I ended up in a post-grad program for children’s book illustration in Barcelona, Spain.

While in this illustration program I discovered a Czech artist and illustrator by the name of Květa Pacovská. Květa certainly did not fit the bill of traditional kids book illustration (something that immediately drew my attention) with her geometric figures, and bright colors. Her books are very bauhaus, very designed, they are more for adults than for children, but children would respond to them perfectly.  And I wanted to share Květa’s work with you here.  At nearly 90 she is still working, a gives occasional workshops, and I think her work speaks to this woman’s exuberant spirit.

Here are some books by Květa – Midnight Play (or more correctly translated midnight theater:) is one of my favourites.