I’ve now written about a few artists whose work I found of great inspiration when I was first starting out in the creative field.

However now is a good moment to jump back into present and talk about the artists who are working in the now who I find do super nice work.

There are probably very few illustrators working today particularly in children’s book illustration, who have not heard the names Violeta Lopiz  and Valerio Vidali. These two artists (who hail from Spain and Italy respectively) are both collaborators and a couple, and their work is straight from the vaults of creativity.

It’s difficult to define what makes an illustration relevant (for the lack of a better word) or more precisely what makes an illustration connect with its audience. There is something very joyful and fearless about the Violeta’s visual language, and Valerio is a master of good taste and composition, with almost japanese influences. Their work ‘a cuatro manos’ combines into something very original, beautiful. While we as artist’s are always drawing on the what we see – this includes work of other artists, these two while certainly drawing on external influences, are also creating something akin to their own language in illustration.

They currently have a new book out, it’s called the Forest. I saw original illustrations for this book while it was still in the making a couple of years at the Bologna children’s book fair. And it’s very special.


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