In 2010 I wondered into a small book shop dedicated to kids books in the neighborhood of Gracia, in Barcelona. The book store was called Casa Anita, and stacked up on special shelf next to the register I came across a small charming book by the name of Entonces (don’t know how to translate this to English other than ‘So?’), written and illustrated by Kitty Crowther. This was my first encounter with this amazing Belgian artist (although I think technically she is half British). I did not know that that very same year Kitty was the winner of Astred Lindgren Memorial award, the most prestigious prize awarded to an author/illustrator.

Kitty’s work is stuff magic is made of. Hand-drawn, playful characters, that are something completely out of her own imagination.

If you have kids, and have not seen Kitty’s books I really recommend it, they are sooo (I will limit the number of o’s here) good.

Kitty gives art/illustration workshops usually around Europe. By admittance I was signed up for one of her classes some years ago, but could not due to an accident, and was kicking myself for sometime. Maybe one day.

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