No band formed the soundtrack to my early 20’s as much as Yo La Tengo, I listened to them on repeat, I saw their concerts I think to the number of 10+ times, I even ran into them on the streets of New Jersey where they lived and London – where they did not.

I discovered this band by chance: while shopping for cd’s at a local music store, the workers had put on one of their albums – the album was called ‘And then nothing turned itself inside out’ which I immediately purchased, along with another called ‘I can hear the heart beating as one’.

The band was comprised of a couple who are Ira Kaplan on guitar, vocal and everything else and Georgia Hubley on drums/vocals, and then whatever bassist they happened to collaborate with (although since many years it’s James McNew). They have been making music since early 80’s and are still coming out with new material and are actively touring.

I don’t know what to say about YLT, other than the variety of their songs, the energy, the sensitivity, the observant lyrics, the noise, the head banging rips you could go crazy to, fulfilled every need I had for music.

The thing about Yo La Tengo is that they have stood the test of time. I had put on there albums on repeat not too long ago, and they were still as good as ever.

One thing that really surprised me was that Ira for example was only a few years younger than one of my parents, but he is really my contemporary.

In summary all I can say is this: Thank you Yo La Tengo, and go check out their music if you have not already.