The title here is of course in jest, the only thing we can do is thank the National Film Board of Canada for pushing forward some of the most expressive and interesting experimental films. I first leaned of NFB through films of Norman McLaren – who made experimental abstract animations directly on film, and who was also one of the directors of NFB.

He also made the now famous ‘Neighbors’ – a film that is as politically accurate as they come.

More importantly for my own creative aspirations at the time, was Carline Leaf. I fell in love with her experimentations with sand, and paint, and was particularly taken by her film ‘The street’ a short animation based on a book by Mordecai Richler. The film was created and shot entirely of paint alterations on glass, giving it its fluid, dreamy feel.

These two early animators are of course just an idea of what NFB has to offer. I have not followed all of the film makers who currently work here, but no doubt there are some real finds in the selection, so check them out 🙂

** videos are property of the nfbc