We can only work within our capabilities, and so sometimes looking at another artist’s work one can only marvel at the skill and talent behind what one sees. For me Icinori are such an artist. Icinori is not a person but a duo – a couple who work together to produce the most amazing of works, that knocks me over the head every time. Behind Icinori are Mayumi Otero & Raphael Urwiller and they are based in France.

To give you an idea of their talent I once saw Icinori reproduce almost exactly old Japanese woodcut prints by Hokusai (the Japanese artist behind the Tsunami wave), but with a modern twist. It’s as if old masters entered modern world, now equipped with all of the contemporary tools and are creating pure magic.

They work in advertizement, print books, publish in magazines, and work with various printing techniques and special papers.

The essence of their work is attention to detail and complete and utter originality. Icinori reinvent themselves in every project, yet every one of their projects carry an unmistakable stamp of Icinori on it. There is no cutting corners, it is all pure quality.

Their work is old style and completely new, 3D and flat, Japanese and European, and the sheer quantity of what they put out is mind-blowing.

I invite everyone to have a look at their work, because it is so absolutely worth it.

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