I came across Andrea Wan and her surreal art during open studios weekend in Berlin, where we came upstairs to the well-lit room in Friedrichshain close to Warschauer Strasse in a complex of creative studios. I noticed then the curious art on the wall, and Andrea herself who looked like she would rather have been drawing, than having to wait while people floated in and out of her space. By coincidence, just a couple of weeks later a friend visiting from Geneva told me of an exhibition that made an impression on her – and of course this was Andrea’s.

In Barcelona where I live, I come across Andrea’s work in galleries and cafes, and have been following her Escheresque drawings online for some time now.

I have to say I am a big fan of her artworks, where many other illustrators have left me unmoved.

Andrea’s style is really unique – she does not try to copy trends, her work is her own which is somewhat rare in the world of contemporary illustration.

At the same time her illustration has all the attention to detail and sense of play that make them quality.

Her characters are often long haired women, ghosts, sloths, and other animals. She plays with perspectives and sense of absurd. She has also created several really fantastic murals that I think are unique and really enhance the architecture, rather than get in the way.

I really invite you to have a look at her work.

** all images are property of the artist