When I picked up a copy of ‘The wrong place’ at the comic book fair in Barcelona in 2011, and expressed my amazement to the artist who was signing books at the booth – he seemed surprised: ‘This is the first time you hear of me?’. The author illustrator was the Belgian artist Brecht Evens – I don’t mind his somewhat self-important words (I think he was just surprised that someone approached him for an autograph without prior knowledge of his work), he is certainly worth hearing about.

The graphic novel was … amazing. Ecoline ink lines, silhouettes, figures, colors, architectural structures, all compiled into a brilliant, and almost psychedelic chorus.

The story of the book was just ok, it was simply a reason for the drawings to exist – because these drawings were so original and just so good.

There is one sequence of a couple who meet at a party and go home together. And the love making images done in simple silhouettes conveys the scene so perfectly, you can almost see it.

At the fair Brecht was signing his books with drawings of people’s fears. In about 3 min he would produce a very expressive and exact drawing of my own fear – I will let you judge what it is.

Since discovering this artist all those years back I have followed his work. He has since published several books, all of them have been translated into numerous languages and have been read across the world. I have leafed through many in bookstores, and they are just as full of life and color as ever. His work  also often makes appearance in form of exhibitions, murals and textile patterns for clothing brands.

Even’s mode of working is extremely honest – in the world where digital means have taken over art world – he works with traditional medium – ink, and silkscreen appear to be his main tools.

In my brief meeting him all those years back I was impressed by ease with which  he mixed Spanish, French and English flawlessly – this is the reality of European art world these days, and Brecht Evens’s work certainly crosses borders and cultures. He currently makes a home in France and you can find his work at the great Galerie Martel in Paris.

** All artwork is property of the artist